Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lucky The Leprechaun!

So after the students left, anxiously waiting to see if we were going to catch The Leprechaun- I had to get to work! This is what our our room looked like this morning!

Random Little Footprints!

The Trap- It says, "Not This Time- hehehe"
The hat was shrunk,
there was gold Rolos under the trap,
 and the letters were gone! 

A new note from the Leprechaun, and new footprints! 

More Footprints! 
I used a dry erase marker and it comes right off the walls!

These are the clues left throughout the day- There is one for each student and they are hidden throughout the classroom. Specifically in places we use throughout the day! This is a backwards note I found from
and I attached a gold Rolo to each one! They had a BLAST finding these throughout our day!  

We also made a 4 Things That Make Me Lucky Shamrock and hung them above our window! 

This has been a great way to kick that Spring Fever!
I love seeing the students this excited to come to school! 


  1. That is so cute! I bet they are loving the clues around the classroom!