Monday, October 28, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

I found this poster floating around on FB...

Felt it was fitting for this lovely Monday! HA


Thursday, October 24, 2013

ELL Support

As you know from my earlier post, I have a high need for ELL support in my classroom.
After long debate on how to help my students feel like they have an understanding of what their job is in the classroom, I decided to set up a table with visuals and a first this => this diagram of sorts.
Here is the end product:

Since I implemented this, I have noticed a huge improvement in behavior and work produced. The students feel confident in their work and have a more solid idea on what their task is.
I like that all I need to do is point at a desired table behavior and the language isn't a barrier. I also have a pre-filled out template of what a finished product of their work should look like in the visual pocket chart so my students KNOW that they are completing the task or assignment correctly. This has been a lifesaver!!

I also have a new comer who benefited from a personal visual schedule.

Here is the visual schedule we made this student:

Now, the student has their own picture of them completing each of the days tasks. All I have to do now is point at the next step.

I would LOVE to hear from some of you on how you are reaching your ELL students!!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pete The Cat - Groovy Button Subtraction

Pete The Cat
Groovy Button Subtraction

I decided to use Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons to introduce my first graders to subtraction.

They Love... Love... LOVE, Pete the Cat, so this was a win-win!

Here is a fun freebie from another blogger that is a great resource:

I used some of her freebies for practice sheets for my students to reinforce their learning.

My favorite, however was her shirt template. She used them as work mat for centers, which I am also going to do in the future, but to introduce it I put my own spin on it.

You can find the template here:

I had the students make their own Groovy Button shirt to show a subtraction number sentence.
 -The students got to choose their own groovy buttons and which button they wanted to POP! off.
I had all the student color their shirt yellow to match Pete's.

I was so impressed with how hard they were working and how fabulous each product turned out! Even my lowest students had a GREAT turn out with this assignment.


Summer Time is Over!

Well, I must say my long term break from blogging and teaching comes to an end! 
I began teaching at a new school this fall and needed some time to play catch up before diving back into the blogger world. However, I am excited to be back!
Here is a short breakdown of events:
Summer- Was wonderful, enjoyed time with the family. It became a little stressed toward the end, as plans for the new school I was suppose to work for fell through.  I was hired through the district and now needed to be placed at a different school within the district- just to mention- it is a HUGE district. I had no idea where I would be or what grade I would teach. This was a very uneasy time for myself and my colleagues who were going through the same thing. We were all interviewing for the same openings at the same schools- I am so glad we are all so supportive of each other- or else that could have been ugly! I miss working with them terribly!!! They are all amazing teachers!
In the end it all turned out- we got placed, and so our new journey begins!

Fall- I was placed in 1st grade!! WAHOO!! I couldn't have been more excited! This is the grade I was made to teach.
However, the honeymoon period ended shortly as I found out I have a class of 32 first graders- this mix included; Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH), Special Ed, ELL, and 6 New Comers whom have never been in a school setting with no English....
Okay... after getting my barrings,  realizing this was my reality... and these children deserve the best I can give them, I started to jump in head first. 
I meet with different groups at the school to help with supporting the needs in my classroom and I must say- the faculty at my school has been so supportive and helpful- I would have drowned without them! I am thankful for the support the staff has given me to help prepare me for these challenges. However- next step is to gain actual support IN the classroom- with this many students I need extra bodies in the classroom!!

Now- you can understand what took me so long to get back!