Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Summer Time is Over!

Well, I must say my long term break from blogging and teaching comes to an end! 
I began teaching at a new school this fall and needed some time to play catch up before diving back into the blogger world. However, I am excited to be back!
Here is a short breakdown of events:
Summer- Was wonderful, enjoyed time with the family. It became a little stressed toward the end, as plans for the new school I was suppose to work for fell through.  I was hired through the district and now needed to be placed at a different school within the district- just to mention- it is a HUGE district. I had no idea where I would be or what grade I would teach. This was a very uneasy time for myself and my colleagues who were going through the same thing. We were all interviewing for the same openings at the same schools- I am so glad we are all so supportive of each other- or else that could have been ugly! I miss working with them terribly!!! They are all amazing teachers!
In the end it all turned out- we got placed, and so our new journey begins!

Fall- I was placed in 1st grade!! WAHOO!! I couldn't have been more excited! This is the grade I was made to teach.
However, the honeymoon period ended shortly as I found out I have a class of 32 first graders- this mix included; Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH), Special Ed, ELL, and 6 New Comers whom have never been in a school setting with no English....
Okay... after getting my barrings,  realizing this was my reality... and these children deserve the best I can give them, I started to jump in head first. 
I meet with different groups at the school to help with supporting the needs in my classroom and I must say- the faculty at my school has been so supportive and helpful- I would have drowned without them! I am thankful for the support the staff has given me to help prepare me for these challenges. However- next step is to gain actual support IN the classroom- with this many students I need extra bodies in the classroom!!

Now- you can understand what took me so long to get back!


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