Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Getting Organized in 2014!

Well, I am not sure about you, but I surely enjoyed this 'extended' winter break! Since Gov. Dayton closed Minnesota schools on Monday due to dangerously cold temps and our district decided to close today as well. We got an extra two days tacked on to our already lovely break! Well yesterday and today, even though I am at home, are back to reality. I have been getting things ready to go for the new year and getting organized!

Here are some things I have been doing to stay organized in the classroom:

This idea I got from a co-worker last year and let me tell you- it is a LIFESAVER! 
Instead of doing a filing cabinet with each student having a file folder or other filing systems that are hard to take with you and not very practical. Take a large 3-ring binder and the plastic, folder dividers and give each student their own. (Plastic for durability and folder to hold the important papers.) I print out a small roster and tape their name on each tab in alphabetical order. 
 I can now take it with me easily where ever I need to go- IEP Meetings, Home to Grade, Parent Meetings. It is wonderful! 

Organization Tip #2-
Since the 3-ring binder organizer is for important papers such as F&Ps and benchmark assessments and other important documents, you still need a place for the student's wonderful works of art and other amazing classwork! (Some teachers just send it home after each quarter and some keep special things for an end of the year portfolio.) Either way, this next organizational tip keeps all these items in one easy place and it actually fits the larger projects we make in the younger grades!
Take a plastic crate from any store and turn it sideways- now get the LEGAL size of the file folders- these are longer then the standard file folder. They fit perfect in the crate when it is horizontal. Now, each student has a place to keep and hold their 'special' projects and works of art until the end of the year!