Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Last Visit From The Leprechaun!

Good Morning! What a great week we've had! 
At  the end of the day yesterday, my students wanted to leave a note for the leprechaun instead of a trap.
Here is the note- verbatim from my first graders!  

Well after much debate- I had to think of something neat for our Leprechaun to do. 
So here is what The Leprechaun had to say back! 

They LOVED the picture! They were so excited! 

Here is where his little footprints went off to...

He left through the crack in the wall!

This is the little treat he left on their desk...

As a little added note- he wrote
P.S. Enjoy The Music
on our chalkboard- and Celtic music was playing! (Using Pandora)

Again, it was a wonderful way to wrap up our little adventure 
and give the students something exciting to stir around in their hearts! 


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