Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lucky Day!

Well- the students couldn't have been more excited about our little visit from The Leprechaun! What a great day! After a few hours of regular instruction I had a student "find" the Little Letter Stationery (Left by The Leprechaun himself!) and we wrote The Leprechaun our letters! Here they are:

They actually spent a good deal of time on these special letters! 
Great way to incorporate the importance of writing! 
I think they turned out fabulous! 

After we were done, my students kept asking if we could set a trap to catch him. ABSOLUTELY! So as a class, at the end of the day, we built the trap. I asked for their ideas and built it solely off what they wanted. Can I just say- what wonderful imaginations children have when you give them the opportunities to use it!! Well I must say I think they nailed it! Here is our wonderful Leprechaun trap! Fully equipped with a rainbow leading the way, a welcome sign so he won't see it coming, gold, a top hat (I am going to shrink the top hat tonight in the oven- another added surprise for tomorrow!), and lastly our wonderful letters to him! 

They are so excited! I will post more tomorrow! Enjoy!  

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